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This is a site for us to keep favorite links and maybe important announcements

Waterski and Boating  (!See important note at bottom of page for video help)
Waterski Crash and Burn Video (10.8 meg, ~ 4.5 minutes)  Schnitzskis - Steve Schnitzer - Great all around Waterski Info + Real Estate on Lakes
Full Pass at 30 Video (2.5 meg, ~ 20 seconds)  Moomba Home Page - Forum/Message Board
Wakeboarding the Hard Way (5.38 meg, 3:20 minutes)  Freedom Slalom - Great slalom site with Message Board
Secret Spot Trailer (Awesome aerials and barefoot)  SkiFly - Waterskiing EZ board Forum/Message Board
Generic Ski Crashes (An old favorite)  Minnesota Waterski - Ok,  no forums directly but lots of good links
Wade Cox Clinic (June 12, 2010 at Liquid Edge),Pass3, Pass4, Pass5, Advice (15M)
HalfMoon 1 - August 2011 with Ricks restored Mastercraft

Lake Home Travel
          Photo Page - Photos of the new place           Yankee Clipper - Trip Report

Family -  Shattered Cube - Richards Home page
            Mitch & Amanda - Family Blog
            Justin & Emily - Family Blog
            Melissa Sky Dive - 8/26/2010 - 
              20 Meg mp4 - takes about 5-6 minutes to download
           Melissa Sky Dive SMALL - 8/26/2010
              9 Meg mp4 lowres - takes about 3 minutes to download

          Costa Rica - Photos
Golf  - Back Yard Golf - Sadly - now only a memory           Southern Caribbean - Photos
Pylon Swivel - Private Design of a swivel mount for video cameras that autmatically tracks water skiers using the rope to control camera motion.           Ski Paradise - Photos
          Belize - Photos

Highly Recommended Links
Ski Paradise - Acapulco  - This is a 'Must Go' trip at least once in your ski career
The Liquid Edge - Pro Shop, Training/Coaching on private lake, Mastercraft Dealer - Doug and Kristin will set you up right...

Video Help
Neither of these videos look that good in full screen.  To save a video, right on a video link and select 'Save Target As' and specify a directory you have write access to.
The Crash and Burn video is low res 'wmv' (Windows Movie) files.
They play best with Internet Explorer and Media Player.  If you run this and you get the (Media Bar) frame in the left galley and the movie is a small box at bottom of frame, you can increase the size of the movie frame by clicking on the little white icon to lower right of the movie image.  This is a little white double ended arrow pointing up and right, just above the progress indicator bar.  Then you can resize as desired.

The Full Pass video is an mpg file.  When you click on this you may find that a new browser opens and the video plays in a very small portion of the browser.  In this case you are probably running through Quick Time.  To play in Media Player, open  Media Player and select 'File', 'Open URL...' and paste the following into the box:
Then you can use the 'View' menu option to control size.

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